Yagyopathy: A New dimension of Research in Ayurveda Therapy System

Yagyopathy is regarded as most promising in the cure of psychosomatic diseases and improvement of human psychology in general. How and why this happens and how to perform scientific experiments on Yagya - study, analysis and implementation of these issues would open up a new branch of research for modern scientists. The present volume would provide necessary inputs and guidelines in this regard in a simple, illustrative manner within the grasp of all readers including those without scientific educational background.

i10Yagya is a scientific method aimed at the finest utilization of the subtle properties of sacrificed matter with the help of the thermal energy of fire and the sonic vibrations of the mantras. In the process of yagya, herbal and plant medicinal sacrifices are made in the fire of specific type of wood in especially designed fire-pit or brick and clay structure called (yagya) Kunda. Slow combustion, sublimation, and most prominently, the transformation into vapor phase of the sacrificed herbal and plant medicinal and nutritious substances takes place in the yagya-fire.

Inhalation therapy and environmental purification are paramount applications of yagya apart from its enormous sublime impact and auspicious spiritual effects cited with reverence in the Shastric Literature.

All activities in the limitless expansion of the universe are said to have generated from a grand eternal Yajna (Yagya).  Atharva Veda (9.15.14) describes Yagya as: “Ayam Yajna Vishvasya Bhuvanasya Nabheehi” – implying Yagya as the fundamental process of manifestation of nature.

In physical terms, Yagya (homam, havan or agnihotra) is a process of herbal sacrifices in holy fire aimed at the finest utilization of the subtle properties of  sacrificed  matter with the help of the thermal energy of fire and the sound energy of the mantras. Modern scientific research has also shown significant therapeutic applications of Yagya and also affirmed its potential in purification of environment.

Literally speaking, Yagya means - selfless sacrifice for noble purposes. Sacrificing ego, selfishness and material attachments and adopting rational thinking, humane compassion and dedicated creativity for the welfare of all - is indeed the best Yagya which should be performed by all human beings. The philosophy of Yagya teaches a way of living in the society in harmony, a living style to promote and protect higher humane values in the society - which is indeed the basis of the ideal human culture

Yagya generates special energy fields and also increases the amount of negative ions and ozone in the surrounding atmosphere and thus activates the flow of vital energy in the yajakas. Understanding the interrelationship between the Yagyagni (fire and energy field of Yagya) and the power of prana - the subtle force of life, is fundamental to understanding the principle of total natural cure by Yagya. The Brahmvarchas research institute founded by Acharya Sharma has taken up pioneering research projects on scientific study and applications of Yagya based therapies - Yagyopathy.


Scientific workshop on gayatri yagya version2 from Jitender Verma

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